Equine Law

Equine Law

The Irish Equine industry generates over 1.8 billion euro to the economy and creates almost 26,000 jobs nationwide.

We specialise in providing practical straightforward advice in the following areas;

    • Syndicate contracts
    • Sale and purchase contracts
    • Personal injury claims
    • Dispute resolution

Horse Disputes can include:

    • Equine Disputes (Horse & Pony Disputes)
    • Sale & Purchase Disputes
    • Accidents & Personal Injury
    • Vet/Veterinary Disputes & Negligence Claims
    • Farrier/Blacksmith Disputes & Negligence Claims
    • Equine Dentist & other Equine Services Disputes & Negligence Claims
    • Agreements & Contracts e.g. Loan, Livery & Stallion
    • Horse Insurance Claims & Disputes
    • Public Liability Issues

So whether you are looking to invest in a thoroughbred horse(s), or are looking to resolve a dispute, we possess the relevant knowledge in this niche market, to provide you with the best advice to ensure your interests are protected.