Wills & Probate

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Wills & Probate

We advise all clients to make a Will. It is particularly important to make a Will or review an existing Will when there has been a change in a persons circumstances ie. purchase of a Property, birth of a child (where the drafting of a Trust would be necessary) and on marriage or divorce.
We advise client’s on all matters in relation to Wills and the administration of estates on the death of a loved one.

We, at Mulhall & Co. understand that the death of a family member can be a difficult time. We will ensure that the administration of every estate is as smooth as possible.

Where a valid Will is located, the person/persons named executor are responsible for issuing the Grant of Probate.

If, there is no Will, the probate will issue to the next of kin.

We will advise on tax implications involved with inheritance.